Richard Bratby, The Arts Desk

“the whole thing revolved around Catherine Backhouse’s spirited Concepcion. Darting about the stage, eyes flashing, she shaped Ravel’s artfully artless lines with an easy grace and her voice – silvery and translucent at the top – had a core of satisfyingly sultry darkness.”

Alexandra Coghlan, The Arts Desk

“Fortunately there’s some excellent singing, notably from Catherine Backhouse’s powerful, unyielding Kate. Backhouse’s mezzo offers wonderfully even shades all through the register, and her impassioned delivery brought dangerous warmth to James’ fanatical, cold-fish heroine.”

Mark Berry, Boulezian

 “Backhouse’s short-notice performance showed her to be an excellent artist, rich of tone and admirably clear of diction.”

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

“An eloquent, engaging vocal performance… her bright, vibrant sound projected well and had the stamina and diversity of tone required.”